Apartment & Commercial Unit Listing Manager

Simply Complete Listings

Unlike most real estate or MLS type systems, our system was developed from the start to focus on the specific needs of apartment complexes and multi-unit commercial sites. Data is re-used across all of the units at the location to minimize the administration time. For example, if you manage a 100 unit apartment complex, you shouldn't be entering the same address 100 times. You supply a minimum of information, but you get a complete, comprehensive listing for each available unit.

A quick check on the internet will show far too many property management websites with "no photo available", or a two sentence - or less - description. This may be due to a confusing management system, or the fact that listings management is generally a very tedious task. But not any more. You will certainly stand out from the crowd!

  • Complete, comprehensive listings
  • Uniform look and feel throughout the entire website
  • A better image for your company
  • Rent your units faster!

Residential and Commercial

The system works equally well with apartment complexes, duplexes, commercial, retail, office, medical, professional, storage facilities, etc. Take advantage of features such as zoning type, number of parking spaces, elevator access, and handicap accessibility for your commercial listings.

Unlimited Properties

Weather you own one multi-unit property, or manage hundreds, our system scales to meet your needs.


Include neighborhood photos and maps, property photos, unit photos and floorplans. They're all organized and displayed for each unit. You decide which types and how many photos to include, and the system automatically resizes them for the website and creates thumbnail previews.

Custom Designs

Designed as a modular system, custom website designs can be easily implemented. You can even have multiple designs in place, and switch between them for different seasons: back-to-school, Christmas, summer, etc. Contact us for a design proposal or hire your own designer. We'll work with your designer to make sure you have that perfect look.

Google Maps & Google Street View

Easily incorporate interactive Google Maps and Google Street Views with your listings. As with most other features, Google Maps and Google Street Views are optional and may be used on all, some or none of your properties. You decide!

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

Our system was designed from the bottom up to be "search engine friendly" to help you achieve better rankings on Google and other search engines. Features such as unique page titles and descriptions, search-engine-friendly URLs, clean optimized code and others make the difference.

Unit Inquiries

Each listing contains a form for your prospective tenants to contact you about the listing they're viewing.

Tenant Maintenance Requests

We've also included a web form for your tenants to request service right from the website.

FREE Management

In most cases, website listings management is included free of charge. You supply us with a minimum of information and we'll take care of the rest. No more waiting for someone in your office to put the listings online. We've eliminated the tedious part of having a property listing website.